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10 Content ideas if you are struggling – (Part 1 of 2)

December 2, 2021

The idea is to keep a constant flow of content being produced. The more that consistently is outgoing, the rise in viewers and customers will increase. It’s a useful tool to make conversions through such a simple method and maybe you are struggling for content ideas.

Creating insight and integrity of your business, it can allow viewers to have an inside look at the ‘going on’s’ in your business. It’s a fantastic way to bring the customer and company together.

The only resources that it requires, is time and intuition. If you’re not sure of what content to produce, then read on and see the how’s/why’s of what different types of content you can produce. 

In this blog, we will show 5 content ideas we consider to be incredibly helpful. You can view the remaining 5 in the future, so stay tuned in, with the possibility of bonus content.

Part 1: 5 Content ideas you can use and why?:

News articles

News articles

A quick and easy way to get out content when you’re in need, is news. You can take what’s happening around you, how it affects you, and turn it into an article. Or maybe you had some new changes within the company you want to report on.

Check out any news within the industry, maybe your company played a big role in that, share your side of the story. And of course, see what the competition is up to, who knows, maybe they have news on you.

News articles are certainly a useful idea, it goes without saying. However, take this one-step further, and include trending keywords across your work, you can view our in-depth analysis in our keywords blog here.

Guides and Tutorials

Guides and Tutorials

Are you selling products? Maybe you should create a ‘how to guide’, your product might be a simple one, but you can be sure some customers have queries. Make a step-by-step guide, run through a set up of a product, it’s simple.

If ever you have calls and queries coming through your contact lines, you have the ability to redirect them to one of your guides. Have an abundance available for your product range, and you will have the appearance of a reliable professional company.

We’ve established it’s great for the customer, but don’t forget this is great for you and your team to learn more about your products or services. Creating a guide is also a learning experience for you too.

Vlogs - Video content

Vlogs – Video content

Social media is available to everyone, even businesses. You can create videos, but what of? You can show products in use, maybe the before and after of a service you provided. Show employees at work, or the different types of banter you have to create a warm environment.

Upload these to your website and social media platforms, it’s not difficult at all. You can link these all with one another, and viewers will love it. After all, in today’s day and age, social media is a huge part of people’s lives, make use of that.

With 2022 right around the corner, video marketing is more of a useful tool than ever, we elaborate on the reasoning in our blog here.

Q&A’s - Question and Answers

Q&A’s – Question and Answers

On the topic of social media, use those platforms to allow customers to open up, let them find out what they want. A great way to show off your connection with your customers, but also learn more yourself.

You don’t have to answer all the questions, just pick out the ‘sensible’ and create a list that allows you to provide some insight and positivity about your company.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

The service you provide is probably great, but maybe if you had some advice for a service or product, you should say. Perhaps there’s a step customers can take after your service in the future, another great content idea.

You can just give advice on what you would do, had you received the service or product you provide to maintain in the future. It’s simple and you already know what it is, or you can research and learn something you didn’t know already.

If you wish to see an example, we have been doing this time and again, providing useful tips within our industry. You can see an example of our Tips and Tricks blog here.


In today’s blog, we have shown you five basic, but arguably most effective content ideas. Reuse these ideas in future content, (in moderation). However, you will need to bring something new to the table, in terms of the subject and structure.

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