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Black Friday: Are You Ready?

November 10, 2015 - Fifteen

Black Friday was one of the biggest days for online sales last year, and it is set to be another great day again.

Fifteen have been looking back at the previous years and have noticed a growing trend for Black Friday sales over the past couple of years. Businesses are offering more deals, customers are spending more money, and Black Friday is becoming more and more of a success each year. It seems the UK have truly embraced the tradition for massive sales from our friends from across the pond.

And it’s not just stores that are being hit by discount-crazy customers on this day. We’ve discovered that online sales contributed to over 20% of all sales made on Black Friday. E-commerce websites are now expected to offer Black Friday deals, and customers are flocking to websites to beat the rush instore.

With such a large portion of sales being recorded on this single day, all businesses need to consider a digital marketing plan, and ready their websites for the oncoming masses. You can’t prepare for a day of increased sales, and discounts, without putting a proper strategy in place. Fifteen can help you craft a marketing strategy that will guide customers towards your website, and generate results.

Check out our infographic detailing the statistics below, and ask yourself, “Am I ready for Black Friday?”

Infographic Transcription

Black Friday

Did you know that Black Friday is largest day for online sales?

Last year’s figures

  • Online shopping accounted for 21% of all sales.
  • Black Friday in 2014 had the largest sale growth of any previous year, with a 145% increase in spend, and customers spending 18% more than they normally would.
  • There was an £810m spend from consumers in just one day.
  • Black Friday contributed to 6.4% of the entire online sales.
  • This was a 37.5% increase from the previous year.

Are you ready for the next biggest shopping day of the year?

Talk to us about how you can create a Black Friday digital strategy.

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