Fifteen at Quasar

February 20, 2016 - fifteen

After a busy few months, Fifteen took the opportunity to head to Quasar Elite in Nottingham for a bit of laser-gun warfare. Nine members of Fifteen entered: Adam, Chris, Kate, Lucy, Michelle, Natalie, Pav, Richard (Work Experience Copywriter), and Sophie.

The teams were prepared before hand:

The Heroes: Wolverine (Kate), Storm (Lucy), Black Widow (Chris), and Thor (Adam)

The Villains: Magneto (Natalie), Green Goblin (Richard), Dr Octopus (Michelle), Toad (Sophie), and Vulture/Pyro (Pav).

LaserQuest1The first round was a standard Team Battle with fifteen minutes on the clock and it got deadly fast. Lasers flew upstairs and downstairs as the teams sought victory. After the initial skirmish, the battle moved downstairs with pretty much everyone taking a lone wolf strategy and getting shots in wherever they could. Lots of screaming occurred as people appeared and disappeared around corners or got shot through small holes in the walls. As the dust settled the villains came out on top with a commanding victory.

Round 2 was a Base Battle, the goal: Destroy the enemy’s base more times than they destroyed yours. The Fire Rate and Death Times were decreased so the battle was likely to be even fiercer. As the rules had changed, the tactics switched from clever shots to protecting/storming the bases. Confusion abounded as the teams struggled to grasp the cool down timer on the bases but they were successfully destroyed many, many times. When the fifteen minutes were up, despite the certainty of the Heroes for their victory, the Villains remained on top.

After a quick break to catch our breaths, the teams changed. The final fight would be Boys V Girls.

The Heroes: Spiderman (Richard), Black Widow (Chris), Deadpool (Adam), and Silver Surfer (Pav)

The Villains: Magneto (Natalie), Green Goblin (Kate), Dr Octopus (Michelle), Toad (Sophie), and Pyro (Lucy)

With the fire rate heightened even further and death times for both the teams and their bases cut to nothing, the final round was an all-out bloodbath. Both sides had their attack and defence teams with Adam and Richard locked in an endless attack on the Villains’ base against Kate and Michelle whilst Sophie, Lucy, and Natalie took the attack to the Heroes’ base against Chris and Pav. Dirty tactics ran amok as people tried to hide their weak spots or shoot downwards to protect their gun. People died many, many times but in the end, the girls were victorious.

In the end, the Heroes were thoroughly trounced by the Villains, but the top shooters were Pav, Sophie, and Richard. In the end, it was all a lot of silly fun but we had an absolute blast and will certainly be planning on doing more in the future. Thanks to Quasar Elite for having us!


Written by: Richard Kish 

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