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November 14, 2012 - Fifteen

Rollerworld Lofty and Ollie rollerskating

The team at Fifteen Design haven’t had a good night out in a while so decided we better squeeze one in before the inevitable Christmas do!

Now we don’t do things by halves, so Fifteen opted for the unusual night out at Rollerworld in Derby for a round of rollerskating! Our creative director, Ollie, has recently splashed out on a vintage pair of Bauer Rollerskates and went to take them for a test ride this week!

It was a wobbly start to the evening as everyone found their feet (whilst Ollie ran laps around the rest of the team!) but it wasn’t long until we were all picking up speed and racing round the track. We’re not exactly experts on the roller rink but we’d all love to get a bit more practise in the near future, infact we aim to keep up the rollerskating by going every week! Plus the team only fell over a total of 3 times, we’d say that’s a winner!

Self proclaimed ‘badass’ Ollie can even go backwards! Watch him by clicking below!

Rollerworld Ollie skating backwards

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