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Fifteen’s Top Tips for Successful Email Marketing

January 27, 2016 - Fifteen

Email marketing is a key part of most digital marketing strategies. It allows you to build and maintain relationships, and keeps your business at the front of your client’s minds.

Although most people know it’s a crucial part of their marketing strategy, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly how to create an effective email campaign. That’s where Fifteen are on hand to help out. We have compiled a list of tips to ensure you gain the most engagement and interaction from your emails.

1. Create an effective subject line
One of the first things your clients will see when you send them an e-mail is the subject line. Therefore, this needs to be as catchy as possible. Try to include your key points and include elements that will encourage click through rate.

2. Split Testing
Test different subject lines so you know which is going to get the best results. At Fifteen, we send a sample out to 10% of your audience to see what gets the best reaction. Once we’ve reviewed the results, the best performing email gets sent to the rest of your audience.

3. Test your email
Ensure you do internal testing to ensure everything works how it should. This will allow you to see how your customers will view the email in different browsers, devices and mail apps.

4. Create target segments
Creating various customer segments allow you to communicate to the right audience, especially if you have more than one product or service on offer. This allows you to provide a targeted approach and you’re likely to see much higher conversion.

5. Personalise your content
Fifteen’s research shows that people respond positively to emails that are personalised, again leading to higher response rates.

6. Review your results
Fifteen are always looking to improve our marketing strategies, and ensuring we are undertaking ongoing optimizations is key. Digital marketing allows you to be reactive meaning there’s no time to stand still.

7. Frequency
How often should you be sending your emails? Different industries require different levels of activity. For example, if you’re in the fashion industry our clients tend to send out emails on a bi-daily basis however, someone who works in a niche market such as Asbestos may only send out one email every three weeks.

If you’d like to discuss your company’s email marketing campaign, please call one of our digital marketing team on 01159325151 or fill out our contact form.

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