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Fitbit Challenge – Looking Back On November

December 1, 2016 - Fifteen

As everyone is wrapping up in the warmth to escape the freezing temperatures of Britain (even though we are used to it), we at Fifteen are still storming through and getting in as many steps as we can!


We have traveled to all four corners of the globe this month, let’s see which team walked the furthest!






As you can see, the Digital Marketing team absolutely stormed it this month, with a combined average total of 253,678 steps! That’s the same as walking from the Fifteen office to Bristol City Centre! Massive well done to the girls, especially Alexandra H, who walked 264,102 alone, as you can see from the individual scores below:





I’d just like to give a special mention to Mikey, who was in the top 4 steppers all month, and even won it in the 3rd week. Consistent, ay!


Over the course of the month, we have visited a number of destinations. At the beginning of the month we reached the beautiful nation of China, the 4th biggest country in the world, based on area. Our next destination was Costa Rica, where the average life expectancy is 79, one of the highest in the world! The third location on our November journey was Rio de Janeiro, home of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. The final stop of the month was down under, in sunny Sydney, Australia! With beautiful scenery and fascinating animals you’ll be sure to enjoy your time there!

china rio costarica australia

Make sure you hop into next month’s Fitbit blog to see how our December challenge went! Hopefully people don’t put their feet up too much over the festive period…





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