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Getting on the right track for Tracking My Car

August 26, 2016 - Fifteen

Yet another website has left the studio at Fifteen, and this time we are proud to announce the launch of Tracking my Car, who are specialists in providing security products for a range of car manufacturers.

About Tracking my Car

Based in Nottingham, Tracking my Car is part of Exec Spec a company who specialises in fitting a range of devices into many different car makes and models.

Tracking my Car was developed to promote the side of the business that promotes car trackers, which helps keep cars safe and means that if they are stolen they can be found. This is really common in many fleet and plant vehicles, and is becoming increasingly popular for personal cars (BMWs, Audis, Range Rovers, Mercs etc and other high-end expensive cars.)

The task

After a strained relationship with a previous agency, Exec Spec approached us as a local agency to help develop the Tracking my Car website, with the aim to create a long lasting relationship and work on the Exec Spec website in due course.

They wanted a website that was fresh and modern, and that would stand out from their competition. The main aim of the website is to engage users and encourage them to phone or send a contact form to the team at Exec Spec to get in touch with them to discuss their needs further.

A key requirement was to develop a website in an easy to use CMS system which they can continue to update without any HTML or coding knowledge.

The website

The website has been developed in WordPress which is a content management system (CMS), and widely used across the world, the system is well supported and really easy to use and keep up to date.

Taking the content from their existing website, and introducing key new areas such as case studies, and making the site more intuitive and easy to navigate we have managed to create a website that fulfils their needs and allows them to add more products over time as the site and company grows, without any need for HTML/coding knowledge which they required previously.

A key element of the website is the comparison tables, this is something that the team at Exec Spec were keen to implement these on the new website, but to give them a cleaner design and appearance, making it easier for a user to understand. We implemented a different design for when the website responds down to enable information to display as clear as possible.

The website is fully responsive, and includes a catalogue version of WooCommerce, which can be updated to a full checkout version as an when the client wants, if they wanted to sell their products online for fitting at their location in Nottingham or one of their trusted garages across the UK.

The design of the website stay’s true to their existing brand and colour scheme, but introduces a cleaner layout and way of displaying information. The site utilises the full screen of the browser, and gives the user a clear and easy journey to take through the site with the updated navigation and introduction of case studies and testimonials throughout the website in key areas. Using subtle animation on the website allows key points to catch users eyes, and using parallax elements helps breaks up the chunks of information into easy to process snippets.

 What they said

“From initial meeting to completion we had the right team onboard for our new project. The complete project was managed perfectly, sample design, layouts,re-editing training , nothing was too much! 

Credit to Sophie & the team behind the scenes who were awesome! I could not flaw them with regards customer expectations. We are completely satisfied with our finished website that we have now proposed new strategic marketing plans the for the next stage & all our future online projects will now be managed by Fifteen. 
Thank you all look forward to working with you!”
Ash Samra, Director, Tracking My Car

Who worked on the project?

SophiethumbSophie, Digital Producer
Sophie’s experiences with revamping websites, allowed her to take control of the project and implement a new design and layout for the site using the existing content available. Taking into consideration the user journey of the site and understanding Tracking my Car’s needs and objectives, she worked alongside the development team to create a site that fulfils that information.

Joshua Smith - Production Co-OrdinatorJosh, Production Co-Ordinator

Josh assisted the team at Fifteen in populating the website with all it’s products and pages, resizing images, and ensuring that the site was tested across multiple browsers and devices before it launched, letting our development team know of any amendments, and ensuring that those amendments were carried through.


Mikey, Developer
As the site required a comparison chart, Mikey helped provide solution that displayed in the way that the client wanted on a desktop, and then in a mobile and tablet friendly way when the site responded down.

Alex-ThumbAlex, Back-end Developer

Alex’s experience with WooCommerce allowed him to manipulate the system so that we used a catalogue style of product with the key call to action of filling out an enquiry form.


KirstyThumbKirsty, SEO Executive

Kirsty’s experience in search engine optimisation allowed her to optimise the website with the relevant keywords, and perform the necessary redirects involved from the existing website. Tracking My Car is also practicing in ongoing SEO with Fifteen with the aim to increase their rankings over time.

Why not take a look at the website, and let us know what you think?

Visit The New Tracking my Car Website


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