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Google Adwords: Sell, Then Sell Again!

June 26, 2016

So, you’ve set up your remarketing campaign and your tailored adverts are hounding your website visitors across the internet.

But did you know that you could also use remarketing lists in your search ads campaign?

Customers who have already bought from you are just as profitable, if not more so, than new customers. A remarketing list is the Holy Grail of the PPC world – so make sure you’re using yours to its full potential.


There are two strategies to this.

Firstly: Bidding on keywords you wouldn’t normally bid on, but just for the people that have visited your site. These could be broader terms than you would usually use. You don’t have the danger of wasting the keywords on unnecessary traffic, as you know the searchers have already shown interest in your brand before.

Secondly: Optimising bids for existing keywords for visitors on the remarketing list. For example: increasing a bid by 20% for those who have visited your site in the last 30 days.


Don’t let interested customers slip through the net.


And how do you do this? Well, it’s relatively simple to set up.

In Google Adwords, either create a new search network only campaign, or pick an existing campaign and ad group.

Click on the Audiences tab (top toolbar, nestled in between ‘Keywords’ and ‘All extensions’)

The audience tab will be displayed. Click +Remarketing (Big red button, hard to miss)

From the Add Targeting drop-down menu, select Interests and Remarketing.

(With us so far? If you need more help with the Google Adwords basics, contact one of our team).

Click Select Categories, then Remarketing Lists. By default this will be the ‘All Visitors’ list.

Add your remarketing list to the ad group and voila! Your ad is now primed (or more appropriately: streamlined) and ready to go.


And now for the more advanced class….

Once you’ve mastered the basics of adding remarketing lists to your Adwords campaigns, you can experiment.

Add several different remarketing tags to your website to track visitors to different pages of your website, and respond with a more tailored advert. Or show a bespoke advert to customers who placed items in a basket. Sometimes a consumer just needs a gentle nudge to make a purchase.

Experiment with remarketing lists and watch your conversions rocket!


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