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How to make the most of Christmas Digital Marketing

December 10, 2021

Tis the season to be jolly! So why not get yourself in the spirit with a bit of Christmas Digital Marketing, am I right? Well I’m sure about the Christmas spirit, but why not bring you and your customers closer and fully embrace the holiday season.

We’ll be looking at different ways you can utilise the Christmas season, not only to produce relevant content, allowing you to increase followers and potential customers, but also to keep in touch with your user base.

Christmas social media content

If you have a strong social media presence already, you will have ease connecting with your customers, but even if you’re a fairly new company and still establishing your presence, social media is a great place to start.

You can use social media to promote your latest products and deals, share Christmas moments you and your team have been celebrating. Even if its decorations, or fancy dress, get some pictures of the group getting involved and upload them to your social media accounts.

You can do quizzes and questionnaires, get your customers involved. A lot of social media platforms accommodate for such purposes, take instagram for example, being able to ask questions and use stories to publish thoughts or suggestions.

Be sure to optimize your social media content, and include it on your website. You can see more details on optimizing for SEO on Christmas related content here.

Produce Christmas exclusive products and content

Produce Christmas exclusive products and content

Are you selling clothing? Or anything cosmetic and customizable? You can shake it up for Christmas time! Produce some Christmas designs, or even simply include an extra gift incentive along with your products already.

With it being the Christmas season too, it’s inevitable that people will be online to do their Christmas shopping, especially in the current climate. With covid still about, people will take to online to do their shopping this year, so think ahead for that.

Wish your followers a happy Christmas

Christmas email marketing

Email marketing is a useful tool in itself, but at Christmas time, you can use it to share your latest sales and get people invested. Get your message out to those who would love to get their hands on what you’re offering but have not yet found you.

Target those in the christmas market, and make use of the season to draw people in. Customers’ minds will be thinking of the perfect gifts for others, if you can present them with an easy opportunity, then you may just win over their business.

Not only that, but email marketing is easy and automatic, you just have to tweak the target. Most of the work is done for you, and within good time, you will see positive results. You can see more details for email marketing at Christmas here.

Christmas newsletter

Creating a great newsletter based on the Christmas season is a great opportunity. You want to increase your brand awareness as much as you can, so making sure people know about it is a crucial step.

They want to receive it before christmas day, so you will need to hurry if you want to encourage people. You can add to your existing newsletter if you are already publishing. Link your newsletters together and increase people’s knowledge of what’s going off in your organisations to celebrate the Christmas tidings.

Holiday discount sale %

Holiday discount sale %

If you aren’t already, get a Christmas sale on the way while you can. Having a promotion is without a doubt, the quickest way to grab people’s attention. Assuming you’ve created some business during a sale, you have the likelihood of returning customers too.

Consider making a holiday giveaway or product code to have a small discount on products. Any sign of discount will entice customers to your business, don’t forget to check out what your competitors are offering during their christmas period.


Put some of your creative ideas to play, and don’t be afraid to try new ideas. There’s no chance of negative effects and it’s a great learning experience for future christmas periods. Use the time as a great opportunity to see what works best for your business.




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