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Just What The Doctor Ordered For Medi-Insure

July 11, 2016 - Fifteen

We have been very busy lately working on our latest project for Medical Indemnity Insurance company Medi-Insure, and are pleased to announce the launch of their new website.

About Medi-Insure

Medi-Insure is part of the Inman Insurance Group, and specialises in offering a unique cover policy for those in the medical profession. They pride themselves in being able to offer policies to those professionals, and guarantee that they can save them money and be better off in the long run.

Completely different from a defence union or a commercial insurer, Medi-Insure offer a tailor made solution and all policies are quoted on an individual basis.

The task

Medi-Insure approached Fifteen to build a new website, that was modern, fresh and spoke to their target market.

They already had a good idea of what they wanted to include on the website, and needed our help to put it together in an online format, and to offer advice to help propel their new website forward.

The website

The website’s design needed to be fresh, modern and speak to their target market, offering all the relevant information in easy to process chunks. Keeping in line with their brand, the colour scheme runs strongly through the website, and the use of icons, images and video where suitable helps illustrate the points that are made throughout the copy and allows an easy read.

Keeping the design of the website simple, it creates a slick and thoughtful user journey and with the introduction of a video on the homepage, it should stand out from the rest of the competition, allowing the user to connect with the website’s personality straight away.

Medi-Insures new website is fully responsive, and built to the highest standards. One of the key elements of the website is the ‘Request a Call Back’ form which is featured throughout the website, and allows users to state a time and date that is convenient for them to have a phone call (very important when your in the medical profession!)

The website is built using WordPress CMS and allows the team at Medi-Insure to manage their website moving forward, using a page builder, the team have complete control over the text and the images that are used throughout the website.

What they had to say

“Sophie and the team at Fifteen have been great to work with, really taking time to understand our brand, the market we operate in and the vision we had for our site. This has resulted in a site that gets across our message in innovative and eye-catching ways, all whilst looking thoroughly professional. The communication throughout the development has been fantastic, providing lots of opportunities for feedback and also to help with any questions we had. The site was launched on time, within budget and has exceed our expectations – I can’t recommend Sophie and the team at Fifteen highly enough.“

Jon, Managing Director, Medi-Insure

Who worked on the project?

Ollie, Managing Director
Ollie worked closely with the team at Inman Insurance Group to understand the aims and objectives for the website, before briefing it into the team at Fifteen and handing the project over to Sophie.
Sophie, Digital Producer
Sophie worked alongside the Fifteen team to produce a slick and clean design to use throughout the website giving it that professional appeal, then when the client was happy, working with the development team to build, populate and test the website. Keeping in contact with the client throughout the process, asking for information and keeping them updated throughout.
Joshua Smith - Production Co-OrdinatorJosh, Production Co-Ordinator
Josh worked alongside the development team to populate the website, and perform key browser and device testing.
Lucy, Designer
Lucy created a clean and slick design for the website, keeping it professional and modern. Utilising the brands existing colour-scheme and device within the logo, allowed Lucy to design something that is appropriate for the target market and a style that will be able to grow with the company over time.
Alex, Developer
Alex’s keen eye for detail, and development style fit this project perfectly. Working alongside the production and design team, he was able to create a website that matched the designs perfectly.
India, Marketing Assistant
India’s experience with performing onsite optimisation allowed her to optimise the Medi-Insure website with the relevant keywords and information so that it will surface in Google.

Why not take a look at the website, and let us know what you think?

Visit The New Medi-Insure Website



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