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Midlands Business Awards Presentation With Harj Sandher

August 23, 2016 - Fifteen

The office was buzzing with excitement last week as Harj Sandher, Founder of the Midlands Business Awards, came to visit the Fifteen office to present us with our award for winning the category of ‘Service Provider of the Year (up to £1m turnover)’ in June.


Unforeseeable circumstances meant that unfortunately the awards ceremony had to be cancelled earlier in the year, but to make it up to all the award participants, Harj has spent the past three weeks visiting all of the winners at their workplace to present the awards in person, meet the teams responsible for the business success and spend some time getting to know a bit more about each company and their services.

Harj had also arranged for a photographer to accompany him on all the presentation days so that winners could have a great publicity shot of their team showing off their shiny new award. You can imagine the look on the photographers face when he entered the Fifteen office filled with a feast of props (he was most impressed with Batman) and quirky backdrops to work with; and when we mentioned that we had access to an old Rolls Royce at the back of our building, well, he thought he’d hit the jackpot!

We carefully arranged each member of the Fifteen team in the boardroom for a great collective shot around our giant Fifteen logo to celebrate receiving the award and also got some great photos with the Directors, Ollie and Kate and Harj. We also went outside and had a photo posed around the old Rolls Royce with our giant Fifteen logo in tow. The sun was shining, the dandelion seeds were flying in the air and we all had giant smiles on our faces. Perfect!

midlands business awards - harj sandher- digital marketing fifteen“It was great to get a photo of every member of the team celebrating such a prestigious award win for our fantastic customer service. In this industry, you’re so often judged on your creative ideas and execution for awards – which we know we are great at, but to get an award to showcase our customer service offering and great team spirit is a very flattering accolade that we truly treasure. Customer service levels can make or break a business and we never underestimate it’s importance. We work hard to ensure that every project we embark on and every client we speak to feels like they are our main priority and hand-hold them every step of the way on their brand journey.”

Kate Crowther, Client Services Director.

After the photo fun had finished, Harj was keen to talk to us about why he set up the Midlands Business Awards and stress their importance in the current business climate. Harj set up the awards in 2007 after a lengthy career with a number of companies helping them to successfully get off the ground and grow. Whilst being involved in this process, he saw the need for successful companies to be recognised in the wider community and the importance of celebrating and promoting this for both good business PR and also for aspiring entrepreneurs. He wanted to give something back and spread good news in the region with an opportunity for businesses in the Midlands to showcase their products and services and so the Midlands Business Awards were born.

“There is so much doom and gloom in the business world that it is really important to celebrate great achievements and spread the good news across the region. The Midlands Business Awards help to make a positive change and build confidence in the wider community. The awards give aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs and other companies doing brilliantly – but going under the radar, an opportunity to showcase their products and services. Fifteen is led by an enthusiastic and aspirational Managing Director (Ollie Piddubriwnyj), who is an excellent case study of how hard work, dedication and nurturing confidence in a team can make huge steps in business. We work hard to support and showcase our finalists and award winners over our various PR platforms and success stories like Fifteen’s will hopefully inspire others to take part in the awards too.”

Harj Sandher, Founder of the Midlands Business Awards

The trophy is now nestled in our reception awards cabinet, gloriously on show for all of our visitors to admire and our staff to see and feel proud of every day when they walk into the studio.

For more information about the Midlands Business Awards and how you can get involved visit the website: www.midlandsbusinessawards.com

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