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Part 2 The Ultimate Guide: Seasonal Email Marketing

December 21, 2020

Previously, in  Part 1 of The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Email Marketing you would have read about why email is one of if not the most effective tool for seasonal marketing campaigns. You should have also gained some tricks and tips for when it comes to seasonal subject lines. From being clear, grabbing the attention, using emojis, personalisation and asking questions.

Part 2 will cover an array of different holiday email examples and marketing tricks for you to take on and apply to your own strategy. From gift guides and Black Friday promotion to last minute deals and referring friend gifts. Additionally your call to action knowledge should be sharpened with our easy to follow tips. 

Seasonal Email Ideas

Black Friday Promotion

Black Friday is an extremely important occasion to maximise your marketing efforts for. Amazingly Black Friday generates 50-100% more revenue than other shopping days. Therefore you should be following the steps in our Festive Tips: Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns This Christmas tips

Send Last Minute Deals

The next great tactic for seasonal marketing is to push last minute deals as there’s always going to be last-minute shoppers. Everyone loves a last minute bargain.

Use Popular Seasonal References

Users always enjoy an entertaining email especially one that connects the business brand or product to a Christmas reference.

Referring a Friend Gifts

The seasons are a great time to grow your customer base through different refer a friend strategies. By giving your current subscribers a deal to encourage them to refer a friend whether that be money off, a free gift etc.

Seasonal Gift Guides

Last minute shopping has seena year on year increase of 6% which highlights although shoppers have access to a range of online retailers they still wait till the last minute. This is mainly due to shoppers doubting what to buy for their friends and family. 

Therefore you should be eating this opportunity up and providing shoppers with inspiration. The best way to do this is through a gift guide.

This also creates a really strong campaign as you can break your gift guide down throughout the season. For example one email includes a guide for gifts under £10 while the other is gifts for her.

Send Post-Holiday Emails

People are always looking to January sales, or to spend some Christmas money or gift cards. Therefore post holiday emails are still as important to grab a few more sales.

The Perfect Call to Action

The call to action is possibly the most important aspect of the email, as without it the email is virtually pointless. It not only clearly states the main purpose of the email but it also tells your subscribers what you want them to do next. We’ve collated some best practice tips to help you nail your Call to Actions this Christmas.

Use a Button

Rule number one: a subscriber should never have to search for a call to action, if it’s not obvious it’s wrong. It needs to provide a “look at me” factor in order to catch the attention of skim reading subscribers. It’s fairly easy to overlook a hyperlink text whereas a huge button is more missable. 

Short & Concise

Your call to action text should always be short, concise and exactly to the point. A general rule is it shouldn’t be longer than two to three words. Below are some example of short and concise call to actions:

  • Shop Now
  • Buy Now
  • 50% Off Here
  • Get The Deal

CTA to Landing Page or Purchase Page

After a user clicks your call to action they should always be taken to a landing page or purchase page. It goes without saying that the purchase page needs to be for the service or item that matches the email. By sending subscribers to a random page or your homepage instead of directly to the offer can lose you a sale.

By incorporating Part 1, Part 2 and our Festive Tips you should be able to create exciting and appealing season campaigns year in and year out. Should you need any further assistance then head over to our Email Marketing section to see how we can help you.




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