Show Us Your Dots!

November 6, 2013 - fifteen

We were washing the mugs in the studio one day and realised as they were drying that they were stacked in a familiar pattern… Coincidently, it was our Fifteen Design logo shape! It quickly became a fun activity in the studio to see how many different items we could find that had 15 of a kind and photo them in the same way.

It’s now become a bit of a competition between our team to snap the most original items and we thought we’d share this with our clients and friends to see what ideas you have.

Show Us Your Dots

It’s easy to take part, just follow these simple steps…

Step 1
Take your 15 items

Step 2
Lay them out in the Fifteen Design Pattern

Step 3
Take a photo of them

Step 4
Sent them to us and we will share the best ones with our social media friends and give you a shout out.

It’s that simple! So get snapping and Show Us Your Dots!

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