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The Fifteen Wolf Pack: Wolf Run 2015

November 13, 2015 - fifteen

After the successful completion of the ‘Men’s Health – Survival of the Fittest’ run by our MD Ollie last weekend, a few of the brave Fifteen team set out to complete the Wolf Run. Ollie, Natalie our Digital Marketing Manager, and UI Web Developer Chris made up the Fifteen team alongside one of our clients Ben, from Home Grown Fitness. Having a personal trainer on the team would surely help Fifteen with motivation throughout the course?


The Wolf Run consisted of a 10k run along with lots of tricky obstacles. We arrived at Stamford Hall in Leicestershire, where the event was held, and were welcomed with lots of rain and mud. Before we had even started the race we were muddy and drenched through which slightly dampened our spirits. But, with ten minutes to go before the start of our race, the sun came out!

We started with a group warm up, where we got closer to the course we were about to run, and we clocked the first obstacle… A river… Fantastic. We started the race and within seconds had to take the plunge into the freezing cold water. What a great start, having to run the next 10k with soaking wet clothes, soggy trainers, and a very cold team.

The second set of obstacles we faced were hay barrels, which were almost as tall as all team members. Chris, Ollie and Ben leapt over them with ease, leaving Natalie a little confused with how easily they had jumped over. Ollie and Ben came back and pulled Natalie over to ensure we left none of the pack behind.

After running for another 0.5k we came to our second water crossing. However, this wasn’t one that we could walk through. We had to swim, with some points being so deep we were unable to touch the bottom. This really did take our breaths away, with the chill of the water, along with the heavy breathing from running.


Running a further distance and getting to the third swimming part of the race, we saw a large inflatable obstacle, meaning we had to go under the water to get to the rest of the course. Ollie was shocked when he lost his glasses, even with warnings from the stewards – maybe he thought all the mud would act as a form of glue? After trying to find the glasses for several seconds, we thought it was more important to stay at the front of our group and get a good time than for Ollie to see where he was going, so on we went.
We had just reached the halfway point and round the corner was the ‘Mudsucker’. This name did not do it justice. Ben took the lead, going straight through the middle of the mud pit. Ollie tried to follow, and soon realised that it wasn’t as easy as Ben was making out. Chris and Natalie took the route of scurrying across a fallen tree after seeing the struggle of Ollie. We pulled Ollie up onto the log, but Natalie soon fell in the dreaded mud pit. Natalie thought she was stuck, Ollie was in pain from laughing so much, and Chris was trying his hardest to pull Natalie out. However, she was welded into the mud. All three of the men had to try and pull out her legs, which she said felt as though she was wearing iron casts. This whole process of getting across this obstacle took at least twenty minutes. It was only several yards long!


Once we were out the mud, we continued with the run, feeling heavier with all the mud we had managed to gain on our clothes and skin. The next big obstacle was the slip and slide. Chris went first with someone from our group, making it look simple to make it all the way down without any incidents. Next up were Ben and Natalie. We took a run and a blind leap of faith over the lip of the slide and down we went. Ben stopped sliding, losing momentum half way down the slide. Looking back Ben could see Natalie hurtling towards him at break neck speed. He braced for sudden impact as she clattered into him. Ben and Natalie got ushered off the slide, with Natalie clutching her hip from the impact, and gaining a momentous bruise.
The final kilometre was through woodlands, which was near impossible to run through without breaking an ankle, meaning we were able to catch our breath throughout this. With nets we had to crawl under, it only added to the bruises on our legs and cuts on our hands, which we could show to the rest of the Fifteen team when we got into work on Monday morning, to show them exactly what they had missed.

Collecting our finishers t-shirts and tin foil capes, covered in mud, we gave each other a warm loving embrace as we hobbled home bruised and ready for bed.

With plans to tackle more Wolf Runs, X-Runs, Men’s Healths and Tough Mudders next year, we’re asking if any of our beloved clients would like to join us? Get in touch.

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