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September 30, 2021

Website design – The importance

When it comes to website design, You’ll probably start to ask yourself what the key factors are and how this will affect my site in the future. What will viewers or users think, how is it going to affect business and revenue. There are many important factors, and you’ll learn through experience too.

See how important it is to also keep your mobile website design up to standards.

Get the first impression right

You need to be thinking about what the audience will see first, it’s their first impressions and this is where they are going to scale how professional you are. It really doesn’t take them long to make a judgement. During those first few moments, you will want to push over a good impression and tempt them to keep moving throughout the site.

Having an unappealing or outdated impression, will ultimately show an unconfident opinion towards your site. They will be deterred away and more than likely look for another site similar but more “professionally” looking. This is where you miss out on potential clients and business.

Your website is also another ambassador for your brand, It’s another way the message of what you’re about gets across to them. You have to keep in mind your competitors and something that ditters them from your site, may lead them to a competitor. Keep that website design looking shiny. See how to keep the look and appearance optimized.

Crucial qualities of web design

Building blocks of web design:

  • Great Navigation – Ensure you have great pathways to explore your site with ease.
  • Improved Responsiveness – Make sure events are quick to the eye and responsive.
  • Consistent Styling – Keep the same pallet of colours and patterns throughout the site.
  • Visually appealing – Get interesting and attractive pictures/images across your site.
  • Consistent linking – Ensure links are scattered throughout the site, but remember, not too many.
  • Loading speeds – Optimise your web code to high speeds using as little scripts as possible.

SEO Optimisation and Website design

All of the elements of website design have influence on your website, which affects search engines and how they crawl to index your website within the search rankings. This is important for how many people will find your site.

This is something you really have to get right the first time. Your SEO should be up to standards, after all this is how people are going to find you in able to see you in the first place. It will be a tough start, but after time you’ll get there. Make sure to use your SEO fundamentals.

It doesn’t really matter how content gets published on your site, there are actually many elements of the design that will affect SEO, not content. If you’re not too familiar with how it works then look into SEO Optimisation more, but simply you need to keep SEO present and actively up-to-date.

To understand more about Search Engine Optimization, see here what the do’s and don’ts of SEO are, you’ll need it to make effective website design.

Website Design

Become the competitor of your competitors

All your competitors are already improving and developing on web design, at least your top competitors are. You can become more than a competitor to them, overtake them and utilise a better design than they. You want to stay on top of them, make sure you’re still a threat in the market.

Make what you have stand out from the rest of your competition. If yours is looking rustic/old, update it and you’ll overtake them. Otherwise they’ll have a website that will perform better than yours, and customer flow will slow down.

View how we were able to wipe the floor with our competition here at Fifteen.

Conclusion on Website design

Take advantage of your opportunities and try to overtake your market competitors. When competing with others, you’ll have similar content, designs and services. You need to find something that sets you aside, just like anyone would do. If you would like to see our services here at Fifteen and how we can help, check out our website and services we offer.




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