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What is Google’s Multisearch?

June 23, 2022

Searching on Google is a part of everyone’s everyday lives. You probably don’t even think about how many times you search for something to buy, or look up directions, or want to find out more about a subject.

Googling has made everyone’s day so much easier, and connects us to a world of information. And, in small and large ways, Google is always changing and adapting to suit the way we search.

The latest way that Google is seeking to make searching easier is with Google Multisearch. But what is Multisearch and what might it mean for users and marketing professionals alike? Read on to find out.

What is Multisearch?

The idea of Multisearch might be to make your searches easier, but what does that actually mean? The clue is in the name – Multisearch allows users to combine words and images to create a more comprehensive search. We all know that sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how to word something, and everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words. Multisearch is here to let you try both in order to garner more accurate results. In essence, Google does that little bit of extra legwork to save you the effort of trying to find the perfect phrasing.

How will it function?

With that little overview, let’s dive a little deeper. How will Multisearch work in practice? If you saw a shirt you liked, but you wanted to find slight variations on it (such as different sizes, colours, stores or costs), you will be able to pull a picture or screenshot of the shirt from your saved photos and pop it into Google search with a few keywords.

This would also work if you wanted to ask Google about a bird you saw on your walk that day – you could put a picture you took into the search, enter a little text, and Google will provide you with more in-depth information.

Extra suggestions

Multisearch is primarily an asset for those looking for more information on something in particular, but you can also get great additional suggestions. For example, if you had a picture of an item of furniture, Google will suggest complementary pieces to go with it. It’ll be that easy to find extra advice when looking at your next interior design project – which could prove to be invaluable! This is certainly more advanced than Google’s current capabilities when it comes to searching with images.

What about the marketing implications?

As of writing, Multisearch is not yet widely available, and seems to be functioning most effectively when it comes to searches regarding shopping. However, Multisearch is something that Google is keen to roll out more widely in the future, taking it out of beta tests and into the homes of everyone who wants to search something.

While there isn’t much data about the impact this new feature will have on marketers and their content strategies, we can be sure that it will mean that SEO is going to evolve to match these changes.

There will be a lot to discover when Multisearch goes wide, so taking this time to think about common keywords and what people search for most can help you to be in a better position when these changes fully take hold.

Authentic searches and empathetic strategies

As always, the most important thing to think about is creating content that is authentic and speaks to your target demographic. With this latest Google evolution, there will definitely be some adaptations to be made, but as long as you know your audience well, then keeping up won’t be a problem.

Google Multisearch might sound strange at first, and like quite a big switch from the normal way of Googling, but it is definitely going to be a game changer when it comes to easier searching. While it may make digital marketing and SEO strategies a little more interesting and challenging, the customer focus behind this change will be a great thing.

When you focus on the positives, you can see how tailoring your strategy to suit this new way of searching, you may find yourself getting even more users finding you in a more straightforward, authentic, and intuitive way.

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