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Why Do I Need a Website? Part 2

July 5, 2019 - Fifteen

Hello again and thank you so much for reading the previous blog onwhy you should have a professional website and continuing reading and the interest you have in wanting that perfect website.

I have already shown you 4 great examples of why, but I thought I would share with you the rest which is equally important for you to decide to have a professional website.

So here goes and I feel these are equally important reasons too.

5. Wider target audience

Wide target audience

From the last statistics laid out in my previous blog, we now know there are more people than ever before who have access to the internet. This also includes those in areas that are remote. So it’s even more useful to know that you’re able to target even more people.

If you’re a business that offers services or even products, then a website allows you to sell to those remote areas and if you’re a retailer, giving access to your customers through an E-commerce site provides the best platform to show off your products better and with more viewers. Therefore a website is a perfect place to do that from the comfort of their homes.

Whether you’re a business that is serviced based, you are able to offer your services globally using a website. Making it accessible makes you more credible too.

6. Showcase the work you do

Showcase your work on a website

A website (in my words) for any kind of business you’re in, is one of the great platform to show off work, the things you’re proud of and to also demonstrate the skills you’ve learnt onto others. Many ways you can do this is a portfolio or case studies, image galleries, videos, or even testimonials. These would really demonstrate to the wider audience in what makes the business they are viewing online or brand unique.

But there are many people who look to social media for showing off their skills – reaching a massive amount of users and these can be utilized in harmony with your site – integrating them allowing you to make changes all in one place. These platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. However, the question is, ‘the target audience using social platforms, are they the right target audience?’

I feel that there is a darker side to social media platforms. Photos and other graphics lose their quality, compromising the size and then potentially your users. Most social platforms (believe it or not – and really scary to think about) do control the way people interact on their platforms, this is including WHO may be able to see the content. This might mean on careful consideration think before you advertise on social media. Also, there are lots of guidelines about how you can advertise on social media too.

But the most important factor is that the portfolio or case study you have uploaded to a website can, therefore, be seen by anyone. Therefore, by having a website, you’ll be able to control the pages adjust the quality of what you’re showcasing and not compromising on quality or substance.

7. Saving you time

Websites save you time

In point number two, in the previous blog post, time is hard-earned cash. What’s another amazing reason for why you need a website? It will be saving you time. Plus Fifteen are very competitive and we can guide you down the right path.

The one thing that I would always say is that time this the most important aspect of having a website. As in fast-paced, ever-changing world, we need to be quicker with updating and refreshing our websites to allow for credibility.

Having a well-designed and professional looking website will save you so much time and money too.

Giving well thought about information to new and existing customers could save valuable time rather than spending this elsewhere on other forms of communication such as print or going to events and networking.

Printed stationery such as flyers and brochures and a great communication piece (not denying that), but this takes time to design and print. You’ll need time to place and research where your printed material would need to go and to whom. Whereas a website it can cater for all.

Once the website is live, it will then be very much available to the world and to customers. In the long run, it’ll for sure save you time to communicate messages you are trying to say over again.

8. Improving the customer satisfaction

Customer Service benefits of websites

There’s nothing I hate more in this world for when I search for a company in the local area and they don’t have a website to see what they have to offer. (I do rather visit local businesses to support my community) but having no website would force me towards a company that does which is more than likely to be a bigger company. The added value to having a website is that people come to you can review what you’re about and keep coming back. This is also true with restaurants, agencies and airline websites. Whatever site you have, customer service and feedback is something that should drive a user to visit you.

If you’re a business that sells beverages like coffee or tea, then you can offer advice and services like no other. For example, being a coffee shop owner, you’re able to show to your customers’ brewing times and the temperature for brewing the perfect coffee. This form of advice is perfect for your users and gives you more credibility and better customer service.

Something else I find super informative is the humble FAQs page. Continuously adding articles or uploading newsletters, you will be able to answer those burning questions your customers’ have asked, and keeping them more be better informed.
And finally;

9. Own and control

Create your own website

Whether you have a large online presence via social media, another reason – and probably the most important one (which is why it’s the last point) is when having a website that is designed and well built, this space that the site sits on, if your space. This space is owned by you.

A good point to social media is, that it brings good traffic in. It’s a good platform to share your content off the website onto social media. But, solely relying on social platforms to gain more customers is not a good thing in the long run. As when it comes to social media, you don’t really own what you say on there once it’s live. What I mean is there are some terms and conditions allowing the social media platform to remove content where they deemed to see fit – with no prior warning. Also if you are only of social media, what’s to say that platform shuts down? Everything will disappear.

It’s all true using the freebie websites too. If you feel that you need move away, you, unfortunately, can’t always do this easily, as they make it really hard to migrate your content over and you’ll more than likely have to do it all again – which will be a shame as then you will have to invest in more and time to get yourself a new website. Losing everything that you have created and worked hard for.

On the other hand, a website that’s self-hosted is guaranteed you renting space on the internet and allowing you to fully own and control your website. If you ever want to move on to another web host, you’ll be able to take things over (providing you’ll have all the right backups).

So to conclude, I do believe that having a well-designed, well build and managed, professional-looking website and web presence in which you truly own, will allow you to become a business owner who will gain credible customers, reaching a wider target audience and also a system that will save you both money and time.

Are you interested in finding out how Fifteen can help you design, build and market a new website or update an existing one? Drop us a message or call us on 01159325151 as we will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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