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You are not alone new web developers!

September 15, 2016 - Fifteen

As an apprentice myself and being new to the Web Development scene, it’s important to feel you are not alone in the big scary world of coding. When anyone new starts out in learning to code a website, it can be a little overwhelming to look into the backbones of a website and see thousands of lines of code and think ‘How will I ever achieve that?’ What’s important to remember is that there is help out there, and the resources available on the Internet are fantastic.

When I first started learning to build websites, I bought a brilliant book full with vibrant and easy to understand walk-throughs of building a website from scratch and learning the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, you can find more information on this book here. A few pages a night of the book and you’ll feel more and more confident in no time.

Having someone to talk to is always nice, and running your code by other developers can be a great way to help solve your technical problems. Reddit, an online forum board, hosts a variety of communities specializing in specific areas of development including: /r/webdev, /r/php, /r/javascript. It’s great to head over there to stay up to date on industry news, as well as talking to other developers about your own projects.

Some sites are dedicated to helping developers, and similarly to Reddit, Stack Overflow users contribute to other peoples code in a collaborative way to solve problems. Even the best developers get stuck sometimes and this site is full of resources and contributors.

Google is anyone’s best friend, especially a developer. They key is learning how to phrase your problem when searching for a solution. Sometimes, the most simple of Google searches and give back the best results, so remember, keep your Google’s short but relative.

What surprised me as a new developer was the amount of training courses available for free. It’s worth noting there is some paid for ones, but even the free courses offer simplistic yet effect courses, which teach the basic to advanced techniques. CodeCademy is a brilliant way to start learning the basics of web development, and within a few hours will provide you with the skills to build a basic web page.

Similarly to CodeCademy, W3Schools offers online tutorials in the form of easy-to-follow text. The brilliant aspect about this site is how easily you can access information about the basics of HTML and CSS. When you start off learning web development, you learn a lot of syntax quickly and you’ll often find you start forgetting some of the most basic code. A quick search on W3Schools can offer the solution, and with its online web editor, you can even edit & run the code on their site.

Lynda is a paid for tutorial service. It offers tutorials and lectures of a professional standard, which cover the basics to advanced techniques. It is great to pick up a few courses on Lynda once you have the basics of HTML and CSS down.

Some other learning providers which I feel are worth mentioning are Tuts Plus, who offer paid for lectures and Khan Academy who I have personally never used but I understand is free and hear great things about their service. In addition CSS-tricks offers a range of services including a forum board and a search directory to help with all your CSS needs.

So, remember new web developers, you’re never alone! If you want to find out more about apprenticeships, get in touch.

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