Direct Mail

Tired of your email marketing campaigns ending up in the trash without a second look?

In this era of digital marketing, emails have to fight filters and other barriers before they even have a chance of getting noticed in the inbox. Our experience is that traditional approaches, such as direct mail, can still play a very important role in helping you win the competition for customers.

What Direct Mail all about?

Making direct mail deliver! Landing a message successfully in front of a potential customer, whether it’s business-to-business or business-to-consumer, is not straightforward. An appropriate well presented offering, good value and an up-to-date database are crucial to direct mail success. There’s a lot at risk for those who don’t follow the essential rules of direct mail engagement – from missed sales opportunities to being blacklisted for misuse of databases.

Why Fifteen?

Having a team of highly creative individuals and knowledgeable marketers means we know how to develop distinctive direct mail marketing campaigns which will engage your customers and grow your bottom line. Like Mrs Gump’s description of Life in Forrest Gump, direct mail is like a box of chocolates – make it enticing and intriguing on the outside so the recipient will want to look inside. Our imaginative marketing-led concepts combine relevant, thoughtfully crafted and tempting copy with eye-catching design and layouts skilfully printed on envelopes and documents. With Fifteen, your message has the best chance of reaching your prospects – not their bins.

Our little extra.

Whether the direct mail campaign is B2B or B2C, we’re on the button with marketing legislation in the UK and beyond. We’ll stretch your prospects’ imagination, not the law.