Packaging Design

While the primary role of packaging is to protect and preserve your products, well-designed packaging gives you a valuable opportunity to project your brand and to engage with your customers further. It is much easier to sell to an existing customer, so don’t pass on this opportunity to boost your growth. Consider the packaging of your products carefully and make the most of the space!

What product packaging design all about?

Distinctive, well-designed packaging provides a cost effective way of standing out from competition, getting your products picked up off the shelf and raising your brand awareness. It can represent very good value too as you are not paying anything extra for the space.

Why Fifteen?

As pressure to reduce packaging’s impact on the environment grows, it’s important for the design to be attractive and environmentally friendly. We love the challenge of environmentally sensitive design and know a thing or two about getting your products picked up off the shelf too. We develop cost effective, eye catching packaging solutions, ranging from simple blister packs to wonderful, recyclable bespoke shapes.

Our little extra.

We have worked for some of the best brands in the industry and have a vast creative understanding of the different packaging options available. Furthermore, we aim to improve your margins and reduce your costs.