Bing Ads

If you’re only on Google, you’re missing out on a vast audience with Bing Ads – Bing’s popularity (market share) has grown in recent years and currently accounts for 7% of searches in the UK, which is above the global average of 3%.

Bing advertising is a great way to gain a competitive advantage. You can reach a substantial percentage of your target market, and if your competitors aren’t currently on Bing yet, it’s a great way to gain the upper hand. On top of this, the average time spent on Bing is 23% higher than on Google as well as a 4.2% higher order value than searches on Google.

Due to the lower competition on Bing, the cost per click of a Bing Ad is much lower than Google. According to research, CPCs are up to 70% lower than Google meaning you can get more returns for your budget and a better ROI (return on investment).

Getting Started

Bing should never be used instead of Google, but rather in line with your Google activity. Google has the broadest reach. Therefore Bing Ads should be used to complement this activity, and added into a fully integrated digital strategy.

Fifteen offer full Bing Pay Per Click Management, so let Fifteen deliver you the best results possible.

Display and Remarketing

Regain customers with a Bing retargeting campaign in search and shopping platforms.

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