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Harness the power of Google Ads Nottingham to elevate your online visibility and drive results. Maximise your advertising ROI with our data-driven Google Adwords management services.

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Google Ads Nottingham

Google separates Google Ads Nottingham into four campaign types; Search, Display, Shopping, and Video. They all work in different ways but ultimately have the same end goal – driving a potential customer onto your website. We can help you in all of these areas as part of our Google Adwords management services.

Google Adwords Nottingham (now called Google Ads) can help businesses achieve straightforward, measurable results – whether that’s raising brand awareness, increasing online sales, or driving phone calls to ensure they deliver a positive return on investment (ROI).

Our Google Adwords agency Nottingham will look to gain a solid understanding of your business, and what your goals are. From there we can evaluate the opportunities and decide where to allocate our time, to the channels that offer the most opportunity towards your end goal.


When most people think of PPC, they think of snippets of text that appear at the top of Google. They’re right, of course, but there’s far more to them. Remarketing advertising campaigns bring the world of rich, interactive media – images, video, even audio – to the world of paid media. Not only do we create bespoke website banners that get your brand assets looking their best, but we’ll ensure they’re placed in specific, relevant online locations. And when someone interacts with your brand, we’ll ensure your message seduces them back to your site.

Google Shopping Management – Adverts

Google Product Listing Adverts (PLAs) allow you to showcase your product and its specifications in a dedicated advert within the Google Shopping platform. Your adverts are served to users searching directly for your products within the Google search engine and allow you to appear before organic rankings. And the best bit? You only pay when a consumer clicks on your site. It’s a powerful marketing channel that drives consumers with high purchase intent directly to your product landing page. Our Google Ads specialist Nottingham can help create your campaigns, manage your product data feeds, and optimise your account to ensure the best return on investment.

If you are selling products, Google Shopping is one of the best ways of getting higher conversion rates out of your customers. They see the pictures, price, and reviews of your products all for a lower cost per click than a standard Google Ads Nottingham campaign. The system works by using a data feed, pulling data from the descriptions, and surfacing ads based on what Google deems relevant. As the customer has all the information about that product in front of their eyes, it tends to make the conversion rate higher than your Google Ads Nottingham campaign.

Google Shopping Management with Fifteen

Fifteen know how to get the most out of Google Shopping and have the knowledge to improve your Google Shopping ranking. We’ll optimise your data feeds, allowing your products to appear in more searches and more relevant searches. In general, we treat your Google Shopping ranking and management much like our other Google Ads Nottingham campaign; we’ll perform a regular Campaign Health Check, do competitive research and campaign targeting, as well as regular optimisation and testing, increasing and matching ad bids to ensure you’re getting the most out of Google Shopping campaign.

Google Shopping can be very time-consuming, especially the account setup. Our Google Adwords management services will provide a merchant centre account set-up, RSS feed check, and tracking setup to get you up and running. Once your campaigns are live, our Google ads specialist Nottingham will continually work hard to optimise your campaign providing you with monthly reporting, so you know precisely what ROI your campaign is receiving. By creating product groups, we can carefully organise bids so that you are not bidding too much on lower-value items and we can drive the cost per conversion down as a result.


In the dynamic world of online advertising, Google Adwords management services are the gateway to your digital success. As a Google Ads management agency Nottingham, we’re passionate about helping you harness the full potential of this powerful platform. Our Google ads specialist Nottingham is dedicated to crafting campaigns that get your business noticed, drive targeted traffic, and boost conversions. Let’s collaborate to ensure your brand shines brightly on the digital stage. Contact us today, and together we’ll embark on a journey to optimise your online presence, enhance your ROI, and watch your business flourish in the world of Google Ads Nottingham.

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