WordPress Developers

Fifteen are specialist Wordpres website developers working with clients to build and maintain WordPress websites throughout the UK. With offices in Nottinghams, London and Cambridge, let our WordPress web developers work with you on your next project.

What is WordPress Web Development?

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems. Written in PHP, it uses the database management system MySQL. It’s a publishing platform that’s popular with brands, major news sites and bloggers, but it can be used to create other websites and apps. According to the company itself, over 30% of the Internet uses the platform.

Which companies use WordPress for their web development?

The content management system is trusted by some of the Internet’s biggest publishers, including brands such as Bloomberg, Vogue, Techcrunch and celebrities such as Usain Bolt and Katy Perry. Also, we use it ourselves – for this very site!

What are the advantages of using WordPress for your website development?

WordPress is an incredibly easy-to-use content management system, popular with those who design websites and those who use them. Those publishing content require no HTML skills. WordPress developers and admin users have access to over 45,000 plug-ins, a vast array of WordPress developers skilled in using the platform, and the WordPress platform is scalable no matter how quickly your business is growing. Within the library of plug-ins are things such as Yoast, which is a simple tool to help boost SEO. Other benefits of WordPress development your website with this CMS include:

  • Customisation – tons of templates and stacks of plug-ins means our WordPress developers can add and remove elements as much as you want. You can get a very personalised front and back end.
  • SEO – Google loves the WordPress platform for its simple framework, as well as the sheer number of SEO plug-ins that are available.
  • Mobile-friendliness – the simple framework allows our WordPress developers to build fantastic responsive websites quickly and cost effectively.
  • Security – the sheer size of the platform and global use does make the platform a target for security threats. But it has build up extremely good protection over the years and our WordPress developer’s coding make it one of the most trusted content management systems available.
  • E-CommerceWooCommerce is a versatile plugin for WordPress that allows our WordPress developers to create website to your sell products online with ease. With inventory management, out of stock notifications, flexibility to add multiple SKUs per product, the possibilities are endless.

In short the content management system is cheap, simple and powerful.

Fifteen’s WordPress Developers

Our WordPress developers have been using the platform to build websites for well over a decade and know the system inside out.

Our WordPress developers work with clients throughout the UK and, with offices in Nottingham, Cambridge and London, we have a good reach. 

If you are looking to use WordPress for your next project then contact our WordPress developers today so we can talk through your requirements and get your project started.