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How To Hygge Your Office

April 25, 2017

Hygge [hoo-gah] is the latest lifestyle trend to sweep the nation. This concept originated from Denmark and is all about connecting with your surroundings, from what is around you, to who you are with.

As we’re focusing on wellbeing this year at Fifteen, we have begun to implement some of these concepts into our office life. Most recently we introduced some shrubbery into the offices and strive to add other concepts in the future.

Notepad over iPad

We’re all so consumed in technology when working in an office job. There are simple steps you can make to relax your eyes and get away from it for just a moment. Switch up using an iPad or a digital notebook to take notes and instead revert back to the good ol’ paper notebook. It’s even known that you’re more likely to remember these notes, as more thought is gone into writing notes than typing notes.

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Plants have many health benefits and should be included as part of the office furniture. If you have plenty of windows, then plant life should thrive and provide fresher air within the office. If you don’t have the luxury of many windows, then even having faux plants within the office space can trigger more relaxed emotions and brighten up the office.

Create A Cosy Corner

It’s important to take a proper break every once in a while, during the working day, rather than drinking a cuppa whilst working at your desk. Create a cosy corner within your office with a few sofas and a hot drinks machine. Spend this time truly away from your desk and work. It’ll help freshen your mind and help to create better work.


A change of scenery and a change in those you’re working next to is a great way of implementing hygge into your office. Hygge is about connecting with your surroundings and the people within them. Getting into a conversation with someone different to normal can encourage fresh, new ideas and potentially increase productivity.

Stimulate Your Senses

Lighting and smell can really make a difference to the way you feel. Many offices have harsh white lights in them that can often give people headaches. Installing a dimmer switch or changing up the light bulbs to a more yellow tone will help reduce the strain often brought by the white light.

Scent diffusers are a refreshing way to improve the mood in the office. They release a constant fresh smell of your choosing that can help enlighten the mood.

Personalise Your Space

Making your space your own is a great way to find comfort in your surroundings. Don’t feel embarrassed about having photos of family and friends in frames on your desk if that’s what comforts you. Even just adding a splash of colour through stationary holders and other desk organisers is a nice addition. Don’t let it become too cluttered though!

Have a look at some of the other things we are doing as part of our year of wellbeing. Most recently we launched the #FAOStress campaign for local charity, Stress Aid.  We’ve also looked into ways you can stay healthy in the workplace and different stress management techniques from around the world, hygge being one of them.




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