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New Website Launched for Midlands Asbestos Solutions

May 22, 2015

Fifteen are pleased to launch the new website design for Midlands Asbestos Solutions.

The Derbyshire based business have seen great growth over the past five years and felt the time was right to invest in their online presence with a brand new website. Fifteen had worked with Midlands Asbestos Solutions on their previous website and were delighted to be invited to commence work on the new website design and development.

With the online design world constantly changing and progressing at a rapid speed, Midlands Asbestos Solutions’ old website was left feeling dated and out of touch with their competitor websites so it was key that the new website design positioned the company above its peers.

We worked closely with Midlands Asbestos Solutions to create a new website design that included several features to make the website universally accessible, retain visitor numbers and encourage an increase in enquiries as well as implement current website design trends to future-proof the website.

Website Design for Midlands Asbestos Solutions

The website is fully responsive and has been developed to function across all mobile devices without compromising on user experience. It is also ‘retina-ready’, which means that any images and graphic objects will have high definition on compatible screens. These features ensure that the website is accessible to everyone, no matter how they view the website.

The website has several aesthetic design features to enhance the content and engage the user. There is a video feature on the home page and also a service selection area that the user can interactive with, changing the background image to suit the selected service.

The previous website had become convoluted in user navigation due to the growth of the company’s service offering. We focused our efforts in understanding the user journey and behavior on the old website using heat mapping. This allowed us to create a new website design that was focused around making the user experience as fluid and efficient as possible allowing them to find the information they need and encourage them to make an enquiry.

Good testimonials and respected accreditations are very important in the trade industry, as customers will do their research to find a company that will do the best job. Both feature strongly in the new website design. On the home page, the visitor is greeted with a wealth of awards and certified logos to give confidence in the company. The footer of the website also invites visitors to read customer reviews on the ‘Trusted Trader’ website, adding reassurance in the level of customer service provided.

The website also features a ‘Meet the team’ section, where the visitor can click on team members and find out more about their role at Midlands Asbestos Solutions and their history in the industry. Another note to making the company feel more personal and approachable giving the user trust and confidence in choosing Midlands Asbestos Solutions for their next project.




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