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July 9, 2012 - fifteen

Now it may come as a surprise to a few of you but in today’s environmentally aware society, the importance of being as seen to be doing your bit to help the environment has increased dramatically. The term “carbon footprint” has become used by companies to help show that they do care about the environment and that they consider themselves “green”. No one more so than the Blue Castle Group. Blue Castle have several companies under its umbrella, all working towards making the worlds resources last longer and helping companies save money in the long run.

Being experts in the field of waste removal and energy saving, the team at Blue Castle jumped at the opportunity to broaden their horizons by joining forces with American company Smart Trash.

Smart Trash web design

Despite running successfully in America for the last few years, Smart Trash UK needed the help of Fifteen Design to come up with an eye-catching brand, website and even more excitingly, a fully animated video as the showpiece. Making the video the focal point of the website meant that we had to make sure that the finished article really reflected the work that Smart Trash do and explain clearly and easily exactly what the product does. So, we set off in the first instance to make sure WE understood what the product did and how it worked. This involved working very closely with the Smart Trash team of Dan and Natalia and penning the all-important script that would determine the length and timings of the animations. Luckily for us they were a dream to work with and made our job very easy (despite the 8 hour time difference) and we were able to put together the script in no time.

Having the script enabled our team of animators to work their magic bringing the waste compactor to life and making the ramrod action as smooth and accurate as its real life equivalent. As the video progressed we could see exactly how the video was going to turn out and its been a true testament to all of the people that have been involved in the project and most importantly we hope the team at Smart Trash are as happy with the final outcome as we are.

Why not let us know what you think by watching the video and leaving your comments below.

Smart Trash video

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