PPC – Pay Per Click

What it’s all about.

If you’re looking for return on investment, paid search is the advertising channel to adopt. Paid search is highly measurable allowing Fifteen to ensure we get the most out of your campaign from the initial steps of research to the continual optimization. Paid search is an online marketing channel that can deliver quick results and a positive ROI.

Why Fifteen?

With so many companies offering ‘PPC Services’ it can be difficult to tell who will actually manage your campaign effectively. Firstly, we are experienced in determining the right keywords for your campaign – their selection is crucial in making sure you attract visitors who turn into buyers in sufficient numbers. A PPC campaign will be beneficial if you target the right sort of market using the right key terms to the right audience. It is also essential that your site delivers once the visitor arrives – we will work with you to make sure it does.

We will tailor your PPC campaign to suit your budget– making sure that your ads are only shown to the right people, at the right time, and at the right price. We will provide you with monthly reports to make sure that your campaigns are on track and delivering.

Fifteen’s PPC Services:

Fifteen offer the full suite of PPC services – from an initial audit through to ongoing optimization. We create packages to suit your business objectives and budgets to tailor make packages help you reach your goals:

  • Campaign Healthcheck
  • Competitive Research
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Keyword Generation
  • Campaign Targeting
  • Adcopy Creation
  • Adcopy Extensions
  • Creative Testing
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Campaign Expansion
  • Optimisation and Testing
  • Reporting

Google Partner

All of our digital marketeers are Adwords Professionals and certified in many of the areas. Upon joining Fifteen, every team member goes through intense training in cost-per-acquisition campaigns, ensuring we are fully focused on the return on investment for your business. This enables us to not only develop our strategic skills and our database of tactical knowledge, but also ensures we live and breathe optimisation and sales maximisation.

On top of this, Fifteen have a designated team at Google to help optimise campaigns to gain the best ROI for your campaign. We work really closely with our team to ensure that your campaign is getting the very best results at all times. Not only does this allow for stronger ROI but it also enables us to gain industry insight which you won’t find anywhere else.


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