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Fifteen have a wealth of experience working with companies in the B2B sector, from manufacturing to construction, pharmaceuticals and coaching.

We understand when designing for your B2B audience, you can have a host of stakeholders involved in any purchasing decision, and therefore your website design needs to cater to them all.

Within the B2B sector, it is not an individual purchase decision and purchasing of services or products can take months or years to happen, and in-depth decisions often take place behind closed doors with several stakeholders.

When we design any B2B website, we begin with understanding who your audience is, to fully understand how they make purchasing decisions and what information they need to make a decision. We have displayed content in a variety of formats which allows different users to be able to digest the information that they need for their specific roles. For some, it might be a quick overview of pricing, others might need a bullet point list of key features, whereas technical personnel might prefer to have more in-depth content to review full specifications.

No matter what your B2B business is, we will design your new website with these different users in mind to ensure that your website works to support your sales, marketing and business development funnel.

We understand that every business is always looking to be more efficient in each of their operations.  Therefore upselling and cross-selling your services or products throughout the design of your website can provide reassurances and can be a crucial selling point for your audience. By showcasing the breadth or depth of your services throughout the design of your website, you can inform your audience that you can fulfil more than a singular requirement and therefore no need for them to liaise with multiple suppliers.


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