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Having worked with a handful of construction companies over the last ten years, it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about designing websites for the construction industry.

With clients in the construction industry from Balfour Beatty, Norths Midlands Construction (now nmcn), Trust Utility Management and Structures Made Easy, to name but a few, we’ve got our fair share of expertise in this sector.

We’ve learned that construction companies tend to grow big and fast and consequently seem to out-grow their website within just a few months.

The way that we combat this is by thinking ahead.  Most construction company websites are designed to fit the company there and then on that day of launch, and designers never think much past that point other than the possibility of adding a new team member here and there.

That’s where we are different.  Our recent construction company websites have all been design with not only the users in mind, but with the future firmly insight.

Most websites are designed to be sales focused, however, with our vast years of experience, we understand that the way construction companies generate their work. Typically, it’s by a very long tender process and each construction company would have many of these going on at any one time. In which case the website has to play a very different and important role.

Imagine this, you’ve submitted a tender, answered all the questions and are there or there abouts on price for the delivery of the service.  The procurement department will always refer back to your website to verify details, check how current you are, is your news up to date, are you doing and corporate and social responsibility and telling the world about it on your website. See.  Your website now has a very important part to play.

If you’re looking for a website design agency that has experience in User Experience website design, as well as help and advice on digital marketing such as PPCSEO and Social media marketing within the construction industry, we can help you deliver a website that if befitting of you.

Featured Case Study – Trust Utility Management

We’ve delivered a unique and diverse website for Trust, that easily identifies their users.

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Projects Delivered


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