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Fifteen have been designing pub websites for over a decade and understand what is needed to make sure owners are getting the most from their pub website.

In the competitive hospitality industry image matters and ensuring that your brand matches your offering is essential.

We ensure our pub web design clients have clean and contemporary branding that compliments the venue itself and the menus. From country chic to a focus on steaks and grills, we can design you the logo and signage you need.

Once a brand is established, our pub web designers and get to work and a great pub web site design starts with excellent photography.

Every pub web design needs enticing photos of the outside, inside, food and friendly faces. Your potential customers want to get a feel for the place before they even arrive. A gallery showing all of your best bits is essential in order for people to make the trip.

Having social media walls is another great way to keep new photos and images appearing on the website as regular diners love to take photos of their food and share on Instagram and they will share your content too.

If you serve food then a clear and easy to read menu with pricing is essential to bring people in. Don’t make people trawl through pages and pages of menu items by breaking them down in to lunches, mains, kids and any themed nights you may have.

Showcasing your offers and events on the new pub web design are equally as essential to getting people through your door. Have a calendar of what is going on each month and allow people to share the events socially. Weekly offers do make a difference on your quiet nights also so make sure they are highlighted by quick-links on each page.

Being able to make table reservation requests online has long been and essential part of a modern pub website. We advise pub owners to have ‘reservation requests’ rather than ‘online bookings’ for our pub web designs.

This is because an online booking system looks at a time a potential customer wants and checks to see if it is available or not. If the answer is no then the booking is lost.

With a reservation request it allows you to check the requested time and if it isn’t available you can call the customer and offer them an alternative time or suggest they have a drink in the bar first etc.

Our pub web designers will always include an interactive Google location map and make your post code for users to copy and paste as these will also work to your advantage.

There are many more tips, tricks and best practices that we can share with you about how to get the most out of your pub website so contact us today to find out more.


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