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Website design for Accreditation Companies

Fifteen have a wealth of experience in designing and developing websites for accreditation and qualification companies.

We understand that when you are offering accreditations or qualifications, your website design should be slick and professional, with a prominent focus on your offering.

When users are seeking to apply for accreditation or qualification, your design should communicate the process to apply and the benefits it can provide to them.

When you begin to plan the design for your website, prominent calls to action should feature throughout every page of your website.

You should guide your users through each page to inform them and then prompt them to take the next step in your process. Whether that be via an enquiry form, call back request or a form completion with a payment gateway.

Your website design should remain simple to promote your messaging, and your messaging can appear in a variety of formats. We have worked with accreditation companies to develop infographics and videos, which provides information more engagingly.

Your accreditation and qualification website is not just about promoting your services to gain more customers; your customers’ customers also use it. They will want to search for your site for reputable businesses and verify their own claims too.

We have created interactive maps previously to visually display accredited businesses across UK maps using colour coded pins to show the various level of accreditations.

In addition to providing a seamless experience through design, you can support users in the process of gaining an accreditation or qualification by designing a dedicated resources area.

We have designed resource areas on websites which are entirely open to users or we have created gated content which encourages users to sign up for an account to be able to gain access to this knowledge.

A dedicated resource area with some content available for users to find will also support your website in being optimised for Search engines.

Talk to our team today about how we can make your qualification website provide the best user experience for your audience.



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