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Fifteen are specialists in designing websites for PR companies as we understand the importance of an excellent online portfolio to attract new clients.

When you design a website for your PR company, it needs to balance your brand and the needs of your customers carefully.

We work with you to understand your brand and how this should be translated onto a website design.

We also dig into the needs of your customers, what information do they need to encourage them to take that next step in contacting you.

When searching for a PR company, it is vital to communicate to your audience;

  1. Your experience
  2. Your services
  3. Results achieved
  4. Associations / connections

We design each of the above into a series of pages which present your content engagingly and interactively.

If you promote a lot of content and activity on Social Media, we will design a social wall which takes of your social handles and pulls all your posts onto one page for your customers to digest and understand the breadth of your offering.

Suppose you conduct a lot of activity behind the scenes on behalf of your clients. In that case, we can design you a sophisticated news or blog page to allow you to control the content that is displayed on your website as we know PR companies are often hidden beyond great success stories.

We have designed PR websites which allow you to shout about the clients you work with while also carefully balancing their own brand identity and the niche they work within.

In addition to designing your website, we can also support you in optimising your content for search engines. We know PR involves telling a great story and language is intrinsic to that just as keywords are to search engines.

We will take the content you have designed and optimise it based on our keyword research to drive the right clients to your PR site.

Talk to one of the team at Fifteen today to see how we can promote your PR company and showcase your services and experience.


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