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Website Design for the Leisure Industry

For over ten years, Fifteen has been designing and developing websites for the leisure industry, from activities such as golf to events and leisure facilities.

When we design a website for the leisure industry, we know that information at your users’ fingertips is absolutely paramount.

Therefore designing your website mobile up is usually the best place to start. However, suppose you have an existing site at present. In that case, we will take a dig into your analytics to ensure we are designing your website with your users in mind.

Designing your website from mobile up, we think about what your user is doing on the move and what information they need to access at their fingertips.

From calendars full of activities through to essential contact information to get in touch, we collaboratively work with you to get to the heart of your audience. We walk through their different user journeys to deliver what they need on your site.

We combine their needs with your objectives to design a website which works as part of your marketing strategy. Not just in terms of user experience but we factor in the optimisation for SEO, key landing pages for PPC and email marketing campaigns too.

But one of our favourite parts about working with companies in the leisure industry is the excitement and fun!

Your website should capture the enjoyment, excitement and dynamism leisure activities can bring to all audiences.

We can capture the energy of leisure on your website through design, in photography and through interactive elements in development which engage and capture the attention of the audience.

Not sure how to best bring your energy to life? Tell us all about your leisure brand and your goals, how do you want people to see you or think of you? This information which we gain from the very beginning of our journey together gives us the steer we need to produce your first creative concepts.

Always on hand to discuss and provide guidance throughout the entire process, you can count on Fifteen to provide you with expert advice to ensure your website gets results.

If you offer a leisure activity, or have a leisure facility website, you want to revamp as part of your marketing strategy, get in touch with the Fifteen team today to discuss in further detail.


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