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Microsite website design can be used for a range of different reasons it can be that you want to promote an individual product/service or to support a marketing campaign.

Ultimately the focus is on designing a website which sits separately from your main brand website.

Fifteen have designed microsites for a host of clients, which takes their core brand and translates this into a streamlined site for one purpose.

Microsites designed for a singular product are often seen by brands such as Apple. Microsites allow your users to get a closer look at your product and dig deeper into its specification without the distraction of your bigger e-commerce website.

Microsites designed for a product can utilise engaging and exciting technology such as parallax scrolling. This effect on a website moves different elements at different speeds and can provide the illusion of imagery or content sliding over the top of each other as you scroll down the page.

We have also designed specific microsites for marketing campaigns, again to draw users focus and attention to one action without being distracted.

Microsites designed for marketing activities support in promoting brand awareness but focus on channelling content from a single campaign into one space.

Digital marketing, in particular, social media allows us to promote competitions and jump on viral trends at the drop of a hat. If you want to run a contest across your social platforms and need to direct users to rules, winners, terms and conditions, then a microsite is the perfect place to house all of this information.

Marketing campaign-specific information can sit separately from your main website content and again avoids the user getting distracted from the one action you want them to take.

Microsites are also a great way to gain information from customers and start them on their journey.

We have designed microsites previously, which require a UX centric approach to keep customers engaged through pages of forms to ensure the right information was passed on.

If you think your business needs a microsite to support your proposition or campaign, talk to one of our team today to find out more.


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